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Triumph Collegiate Academy

Texas' Preimer Early College High School

What would happen if…

  • Schools could focus on building self-awareness, discovery, and building self-confidence;
  • Students and educators could collaborate to create a positive and inclusive learning culture;
  • The pressure of state-mandated testing was replaced by authentic success measures;
  • Exceptional educators in both K-12 and Higher education were given the tools and academic freedom to redesign learning for this generation of students;
  • Online and blended learning models could be streamlined, engaging, and user-friendly;


What if every high school graduate walked the stage with a fully transferrable college degree and/or workforce certificate? 

Let’s find out together!


What is an Academy?

Traditionally, an academy is a school that operates outside of traditional government funding.   This allows educators to create an educational context that is free of the regulations that define public schools.

What is Triumph Collegiate Academy? 

Triumph Collegiate Academy (TCA) is a new online learning community that is being founded by a team of highly qualified educators, parents, and community partners who are committed to engaging today’s learners.    In an effort to answer them, we are bringing together educators with demonstrated success rates in K-12, college, and online educational platforms.   We believe that we know how to build the confidence and natural curiosity that motivates learners while building college readiness skills. When a learner becomes self-motivated, they are able to set themselves on a pathway to success.  


A Fresh Approach to Online Learning

Online learning can be streamlined;  it can be engaging; and, most importantly it can be fun.  

New media and digital technology are offering new approaches to education that were never possible before.  However, it takes some time and expertise to understand how to translate traditional content into new platforms.   It also takes training and experience to begin to understand how to make these platforms work well for students without overwhelming them. 

We are currently looking for learners, families, and educators who want to take this journey with us.   If you think that you might be among them we encourage you to explore the opportunities that we are ready to offer you.  Our learning journey is summarized below.   

Intermediate Prep 

Middle School That Prepares You for Dual Credit

Intermediate Prep is our full time college readiness program designed for students who have just completed 5th – 8th grades and/or are 11-15 years of age.  Students are placed in one of three learning cohorts based on their current developmental level.  Our curriculum is built on active learning theory and focuses on building essential math and writing skills.  There are three modules of instruction:  STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), CLASS (Communication, Language Arts and Social Studies), and DARE (Discovery, Arts, Readiness, and Electives).   Some students complete the Prep program in 1-3 years based on their academic and developmental level at enrollment..  By the time students exit this program they are ready to choose a curriculum pathway that works for them and to engage in some college-level learning.   

Academy Pathways

Complete High School and Get a College Degree or Credential At the Same Time

Students who complete our prep program and well-prepared transfer students will be invited to join our full time early college high school program.  If you are interested in becoming a part of our first graduating classes we invite you to explore the many pathways that TCA is preparing to make available to you.  Contact us to learn more. 


Discovery Arts Readiness & Exploration (DARE)

TCA’s Enrichment Program is open to our full-time students as well as guest students who join us from either homeschool programs or from other schools.  TCA – DARE offers a robust set of self-directed electives.   Our electives cover a variety of topics including college & career readiness, fine arts, caree, and technology electives.  Guest students are welcome to enroll in our enrichment program as seats are available.   

We also offer a variety of other services to support homeschooling families.   Our  curriculum is fully aligned to state standards and is used by public, private, and charter schools across the US and Canada.  

Homeschool PODS 

Homeschool Learning PODS –

Families chose to homeschool their children for a variety reasons.  As students begin to approach their teen years, keeping them engaged, connected, and prepared for college and career choices can become challenging. Our learning PODS allow self-directed learners from homeschooling families to explore learning together.   Our learning PODS are facilitated by certified teachers and college professors who are fully supportive of the homeschooling process.   Homeschooling PODS allow families to engage with the same curriculum and faculty that teach in our full time academic programs.  However, PODS are designed specifically support self-directed learners who thrive best on flexible schedules.  POD Facilitators offer 10-12 weekly 45 minute live classes (online) each Trimester.  Our learners may chose to either attend the live class sessions or view a recording.  Our faculty are available during office hours and by email and text to work with students who have specific questions and who may need support on a given assignment. They will also offer feedback on assignments, enrichment, acceleration, or modifications to the curriculum to assist the individual needs of each student.   There are no attendance mandates or requirements to participate in a Learning POD.   Your student may participate in their POD for as long as they feel they need to in order to complete their individual learning goals.  Students who successfully complete our courses, will be provided with a merit award for each course completed and an official transcript of their completed coursework. Our facilitators will also partner with each student to help ensure that they preserve a portfolio of the work they complete in a manner that can be reviewed at a later date by public school counselors or college admissions advisors.   Students who successfully complete our learning PODS should be prepared for the TSI College Placement exam in Texas which is required to begin Dual Credit instruction.   Our homeschooling families have access to the same team of guidance counselors and college advisors who work with our full time students.  They are prepared to support homeschooling families who have students who wish to complete dual credit degree and certificate programs as high school students. 


Million students are in currently enrolled in k-12 online schools. Online education is the fastest growing sector in the education industry in the US. 16% of all K-12 students in the USA are enrolled in online schools.


of dual credit community college students demonstrate college success and most go on to finish their college degrees within 6 six years of high school graduation.


of families list flexibility as the main advantage of online education.

standardized tests can be replaced with one college entrance exam for middles and high school students who are enrolled in private schools.

The statistics above are referenced from The Texas Coordinating Board (THE-CB),  Edtech Magazine, and admissions data ascertained from TEA. 

Homeschooling PODS – Enrollment OPEN – Limited Availability – FALL 2021

Many of TCA’s programs are open to homeschooling families.  We also offer support services such as advising, course evaluation,  student IDs, verification of enrollment, and transcript services through our “homeroom” program.  Learners may participate independently or through our partnership homeschooling community.

DARE – TCA’s  Enrichment Program –  Limited 2021 Enrollment Available Through Homeschooling PODS

Interested in taking one of our CTE or Elective courses?  We offer a robust catalog of choices.  Many students chose us for Summer learning or after school enrichment.  Come hang out with us as a guest student exploring a topic you love!

Adult and Continuing Education – 2021/2022 ENROLLMENT IS FULL

At TCA we embrace learning as a lifelong process.   We welcome adult learners to our program as space is available.  Many of our electives and enrichment courses are available to adult cohorts.    Our adult learners come to us for a variety of reasons including enrichment, career training, and preparation to return to college as full-time students.  Adult Learners are placed in separate cohorts from our academy and POD students. 

Intermediate Prep Academy –  2021-2022 Enrollment is FULL.  

Enrollment is currently open for learners who are 11 -16 years of age and who want to complete our college readiness program.  Annual tuition is $4990.00.  

Corporate Headquarters

3816 56th St.

Lubbock, TX  79413


Contact Us: 

We welcome you questions and inquiries.  For more information about our school, please contact our Executive Dean, Dr. Eric Yeager.  

Office Number:  (806) 319-5706