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Triumph Collegiate Academy

An Early College Online High School
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What We Do

We are an online, Texas based, early college high school.  Students who complete a full plan of study with us will graduate high school with at least 66 college credit hours. They will complete the Texas Common CORE requirements that are fully transferable to any state-funded college or university.  They will also complete a state recognized field of study.   This means that every one of our students will earn a fully transferable associates degreee and be prepared to enter any Texas university as a college junior.  Every one of our dual credit courses is fully transferable to any state-funded college or university in Texas. 

Our Approach

Our approach to educatiion distinguishes us from other online and campus based schools.  It is guided by three core values:

Interactive Learning:

We recognize that students shine when they are able to make autthentic connections with their instructional team and their peers.   Our instructors use strategies that are known for creating high engagement in online classrooms.   Our live classes are designed to encourage student participation in project based learning, team building, communication, and critical thinking activities.     Not only does this create an opportunity for our students to refine their communication skills, but it allows them to build friendships that last beyond their time together in school.


We know that students thrive when they are given the opportunity to focus on doing a few things well.  For this reason, we follow a trimester system that allows our students to focus on four core subjects at a time and one elective.   This schedule also allows for special “intersessions” in which our students are able to focus on enrichment activities.   

Our focus on dual credit coursework empowers our students to meet both high school and college requirements leading them to complete SACS-COC accredited fully transferable associates degrees* while siimultaneously completing their high school diplomas. 

Creative Innovation:

Our curriculum encourages students to use their passions and interests in the learning process.   A portion of every course is designed to give studens the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge through creatiive projects and portfolios that highlight each student’s unique set of talents and skills. 

Our Students

Triumph Collegiate Academy is ideal for any Texas high school student who doesn’t fit the traditional mold that most public, charter, and private schools seem to insist upon.  

 We are the ideal place for students who identify with one or more of the following situations

The students who excel in our program tend to represent one of the following . 

  • Know they plan to go to college/university immediately after high school and don’t want the non-academic distractions that comprehensive high schools provide;
  • Tend to be farther ahead of their peers in their studies and find themselves bored in school or starved for challenging learning experiences;
  • Learn differently from their peers due to differences in personality, interests, or cognition;
  • Are already active in certain fields, such as the arts or athletics, where flexibility is important in order for the student to attend rehearsals, performances, practices, games, etc., around their classes;
  • Have specific physical, emotional, social, or cognitive circumstances that make attending a traditional brick-and-mortar campus problematic, difficult, or impossible;
  • Have realistic concerns about the safety and security of the schools in their neighborhoods or have a history of being bullied in the usual classroom;
  • Are placebound or need flexibility for other reasons.

Our Faculty

Our CORE instructional team is made up of highly qulified K-12 Texas Certified teachers as well as college level  professors who have obtained either a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree in their field of expertise.  The majority of our instructors are qualified to teach at both the high school and college level.  This means that most of them are certiified by the State of Texas in the specific fields in which they are teaching and they have at least 18 hours of graduate work in that field.  They are also trained in high engagement learning strategies and in the newest online teaching methodologies.  We only hire instructors witth a demonstrated track record of success in online learning.  They are among the most sought after instructors in the entire state.

Our robust enrichment program utilizes highly facilitators who are recognized as masters in their field of expertise.   This allows students to work directly with people who are passionate and proficient in their fields of expertise.   Mentor instructors assist students in selecting courses that highlight their personal interests and in finding facilitators to work with them. 

Dual Enrollment at TCA

All of our core courses and the majority of our elective dual credit courses are taught by our own faculty members.  Our faculty are hired and screened by both TCA and our community college partners to ensure that they meet all SACS-COC requirements.  

We manage the entire process from enrollment through graduatiion. Our Deans and Professors are also highly trained college advisors.  We know exactly what courses and pathways our students need to take in order to successfully complete their degrees.   From the first day of enrollment forward our students follow an intentional pathway of coursework that will lead them directly through their first two years of fully transferable college courses.  

Once our students complete a dual enrollment course, their credits are secure and they do not have to take additional tests to receive college credit.  The cost of college tuition and textboooks is included n to your TCA tuition plan.  Our homeroom teachers offer support to a small group of students assisting them with pacing, study skills, and resources.   

The Benefits of Private Education

TCA was founded as a private school.   We elected to open as a private school in order to serve the needs of families who are seeking an option for their students that offers them the freedom to excel outside the parameters of mandatory state testing.   Unlike public schools which have an open enrollment process and charter schools which usually rely on a lottery system, our goal is to serve a specifiic clientele of students. 

Every student who attends our school must go through an application process.  Our families see education as an investment in their child’s future.  We are an inclusive and affirming learning community.  We accept students who are willing to engage in their classes, pursue enrichment and community service activities, and who are committed to obtaining a college education.  Our students come from a wide variety of cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.  As a private school, we keep a low student to teacher ratio.  

Our curriculum is aligned to Texas TEKS and state standards and endorsements.  However, because we are a private school, our students do not lose 1/3 of every school year to state testing.  Additionally, our teachers are given the academc freedom to construct their courses in  a manner that reaches the unique passions and interests of the students that they serve.  This allows us to not only meet but exceed the standards that apply to public schools. 


TCA is fuly committed to the accreditation process.  As a new school, this process will take place over several monhts.    We expect to work through this process  very quickly because our CORE  courses are taught from an accredited currriculum that is fully aligned to and meets or exceeds Texas Education Agency standards.  Our elective, career, and technology courses utilize a state of the art curriculum that was designed by professional educators, graphic artists, and web designers.  This portion of our curriculum that we use is nationally accredited by AdvanceEd as well as by several state and regional programs.

All of our  college courses and degree programs are fully accredited by SACS-COC, the regional accreditation agency for colleges and universities in the State of Texas. This accreditation is held by our partner institutions, who directly issue college degrees to our students.  

Curriculum Pathways

Overall, our curriculum is strategically designed to take students through the equivalent of a TEA Endorsement and a recognized Field of Study as articulated by the Texas Higher Education Cooordinating Board.   In order to prepare our students to be successful college students at a young age, we have decided to open our school with a focus on a college prep program that is designed to replace what most students would experience in junior high or or middle school. 

Intermediate Prep Enrolling Now

Our Intermediate Prep prograom will open in the Fall of 2020 for incoming students who are at least 12 years old or who have demonstrated completion of 5th grade  as of September 30, 2020.      The Intermediate Prep program covers or exceeds the TEKS requirements for 7th and 8th graders in Texas.  However, it replaces the emphasis on standardized testing with a focus on developing the communication, critical thinking, and teamwork skills that are expected by college level instructors.  The program is modularized into three team taught sections that cover STEM, Language Arts, and Social Studies.   Our desire is to see our Intermediate students begin to take owndhership of their own education. We believe that these years should be confidence building and we have designed our curriculum to keep the sense of wonder and exploration alive during the early teen years.  


Tirumph Early College High School

(Opening Fall of 2021)

We will open our doors to incoming Freshiman beginning in the Fall of 2021.  Students enrolling in their Freshman year will select at least one curriculum pathway.  We will continue to add one grade level each year to the high school  through 2024. We look forward to celebrating our first graduation with the class of 2025.

 Students who complete all of the TCA graduation requirements will meet the same requirements that TEA has specified for high school endorsements. However, they will also graduate having completed their college core curriculum and at least one field of study (major) at a fully accredited SACS-COC college.  This means that they will earn an associates degree that is fully transferrable to any state funded college in Texas.  Many of our students willl also chose to pursue workforce certificates through our enrichment program.   




TCA students are nutured to discover and develop in their primary interests and passions.   Our high school course catalog offers a variety of electives that allow students to discover and explore new inerests while also developing their own unique talents and abilities.  Approximately 40% of our currriculumm is specifiically designed to support our students as they dive deeper into the interests that they wish to pursue.  

Our students have ample room in their pathway plan to receive credit for their interests through electives. They are also assigned mentors  from our faculty and staff team who have demonstrated talents and professional level skills in the areas that are of interest to our students. 

Fridays are dedicated to Master Classes and enrichment activities.  Our teachers each host at least one club or student organization in the afterrnoons.  From Late November to Early January, we dedicate 3 weeks of the school year to a special intersession. During this time our students engage in one focused enrichment area of their choice. They are directly mentored by an instructor during this time.  Intercessions all include a culminating experience such as a fine arts performance, a portfoliio, or a project.

During the last two weeks in May, our students commonly perform in recitals and our Seniors present final projects and portfolios for the rest of the student body.  When our students graduate, they obtain a a high school diploma, a college degree,  and a professional portfoliio that highlights the skills they have developed during their time with us. 


Founding Board Members

TCA was founded by educators who wanted the freedom to create an invigorating educational experience for students who need an approach to education that exists outside the present options that are available today.   The founding board members come from both K-12 and College backgrounds and they have a demonstrated track record for creating the unique opportunities that facilitate the kind of learning that ignites passion and success in our students.  

Eric Yeager, PhD

Operations , TCA

Eric Yeager holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, a Master of Science in Educational Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology, all from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. 

Dr. Yeager retired after 30 years in public and higher education, with the pinnacle of his career serving as the Senior Dean of Liberal Arts & Education at Odessa College from 2014-2019. During his tenure at Odessa College, he was instrumental in the transition of Falcoln Early College High School (now known as Odessa Collegiate Academy) from the UTPB to the Odessa College campus. 

Dr. Yeager has served in a variety of administrative and faculty positions at several universities, community colleges, and public school districts in his home state of Texas and across the United States.  A teacher at heart and by vocation, the opening of a school was the next logical step in his career. Triumph Collegiate Academy gives him an opportunity to combine the best efforts of his long educational tenure into something truly unique and revolutionary for the school children of Texas.  

Jennifer Sue Lane, MA-C

Curriculum and Instruction, TCA

Jennifer Sue Lane holds a Master’s Degree in Communication and  a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in English from Wichita State University.  Her passion for communication, arts, and social sciences led her to pursue a career in education.  She completed the educator certification program at the University of Texas Permian Basin and began her career in teaching in 2002. 

As a high school teacher she has taught courses in Speech, Communications,  Debate, Oral Intrepreation,  Theatre Arts, Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology.   From 2013 – 2018, She served as the department chair for Communication at Odessa College where she deomonstrated exceptional interest in online dual credit course design.  .  Her success rates at reaching students far exceeds national standards in each of the 14 coursse that she has designed and taught. 

Ms. Lane has a special heart for fine arts students and has held a dream of founding a school that might serve them since she was a fifth grader watching Fame on television.  She is beyond thrilled to see that dream take flight. 

A Message From Eric and Jennifer:

Thank you for investing the time to read about our Triumph Collegiate Academy. 

TCA is the product of a dream that we have shared together for many years.   We have been creating effective education programs together in a variety of professional settings. .   As we have seen results, we became aware that the educational landscape is changing significantly with the new technologies and resources that are presently available.   While TCA is a school, the programs that we will offer through this school are designed to bring the best research and innovation forward.   

We founded TCA with a vision to bring together top educators who have demonstrated success in online and blended learning contexts.   We have created an LLC to protect their ideas and create a space for them to come together and collaborate.   Many of our advisors are presently employed in other settings but they are working together with us outside of work hours because they enjoy the academic freedom that we can unqiuely offer them.   

TCA is a private lab school that allows us to refine these ideas.   As TCA becomes established, our team will work together to found a 501c(3)  non-profit organization.  This organization will be charged with providing scholarship funds to help students attend the private school and it will explore the possiblity of creating a charter school in the future so that we can bring our educational model to more students.  We are owned, run, and operated by seasoned educators who demonstrated track record of success in their respective fields. 

This is an ongoing project. If you are interested in becoming a part of what we are doing we would love to hear from you.  We believe that there are students, parents, and educators who will come across our project and realize that they want to become a part of what we are doing.  If you are among that special group of people, please reach out to us.  We are excited to talk to anyone who shares our dream of taking education to the next level in the digital era.  

Wishing you our very best,

Dr. Eric Yeager and Jennifer Ramsey


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