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Distinguished Achievement Pathways
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What is a Pathway? 

Your pathway is the set of specific courses, academic programs, and learning experiences that you will complete as you progress from enrollment to graduation at TCA.  Our pathways will guide you through a high school diploma that is fully aligned to at least one TEA endorsement.  It will also guide you through at least one Field of Study (FOS) as part of your college degree.  

Our Approach

TCA is an interdisciplinary school.  Our pathways intersect and combine to give students a stimulating education that is grounded in both theory and practice.  These intersections play a significant role for students who want to prepare for specific careers and who plan to apply to highly selective colleges and universities.   The multi-displinairy pathways will include at least one endorsement and one FOS option.  However, they also include a broader range of core courses that carry specific distinctions.   Quite often students on this pathway will graduate with multiple endorsments and/or fields of study.

Your Passion…Your Skills…Your Journey 

We understand that your academic journey must be infused by your passions.  Our enrichment program allows you to personalize your curriculum pathway. You will be guided by our team of faculty mentors and master class instructors as you explore and refine your interests.  They will also assist you through your senior capstone project and the creation of a professional portfolio. At TCA we want to cultivate the next generation of creative innovators. Academics matter-but what you do with them can change the world.

Distinguised Scholarship

Your high school diploma will fully align to the current standards as set forth in the Texas Legislature .This pathway generally leads to the most options for students who wish to pursue admission to selective colleges and universities and who want to be at the head of the line for grant and scholarship opportunities. 

Our Distinguised Scholar Pathway aligns to TEA’s multi-disciplinairy endorsements. In addition to the foundational core requiremetns, the distinguished our distinguised sholarship pathway requires:  English I, II, III, IV, Foreign Langauage or Computer Science (2-4 Credits), 4 Science Credits including Chemistry and/or Physics, 4 Mathematics Credits including Algebra II,  Completion of at least one Endorsement including at least 4 credits from your endorsement area.

Performance Acknowledgments

The state of Texas also regonizes specific performance acknowledgements.   TCA students enjoy a great advantage at acheiving these acknowledgements because of the emphasis that dual credit courses already play in their pathways. Furthermore, becaue we are a private school, we are able to redirect the time and energy that normally goes into state testing.   Colleges and universities do not use state testing for admissions or placement purposes.  TCA students spend much less time in test preparation overall. However, our curriculum iincludes SAT and ACT test preparation.  Our students also have the oportunity to earn workforce credentials through their dual credit and CTE elective courses.   This means that by completing our distinguished scholarship program our students automatically earn one or more of the following performance acknowlegements: dual credit courses, AP Courses, bilngualism/biliteracy,  earning a ntionally or internationally recognized business or industry certification, and PSAT, SAT and ACT/ACT Plan scores. 

*Note we offer a limited selection of AP courses. Much consideration goes into what option is best for our students.  AP options are offered for specific courses that are not included in our dual credit program.

Your College Major

You will begin working on your college degree from during the first semester of your Freshman year at TCA.  If you complete a full curriculum pathway with us, you will earn over 60 hours of fully transferable college credit.  You will complete the basic courses required to finish the Texas common core curriculum. You will also complete at least one major Field of Study (FOS).   The state of Texas guarantees that both your basic core and major field of study courses will transfer as a block and be applied to an appropriate major. This means that upon graduation from TCA, you will be finished with your lower-division degree requirements and be ready to transfer to any Texas public institution with a corresponding major as a college junior.   Students on this pathway will complete more than one FOS from other areas. The combination fo these majors creates perparation for transfer to degree programs that have specific requirements including: :






Planning Your Pathway

The Phi-Theta Kappa Honor Society


The Phi-Theta Kappa Honor Society

TCA students have the unique advantage of joining an active honor society that has been in existence for over 100 years, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society moves beyond simple academic recognition by giving students multiple opportunities to engage in leadership development and community service.  It also is one of top sholarship granting organizations in the country.   Students who meet the requirements for participation will be invited to join PTK through their college partner.   Many of our faculty and staff are also PTK members.  We actively encourage our students to include PTK related activities in their enrichment programs.